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  • 11th February 2011 Valentine’s Day: Religious origin, tradition or modern marketing?

    Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, and more in some than in others. It is associated with lovers expressing their love to each other through cards, gifts and romantic dates. The day got its name from two of the many Early Christian martyrs called Valentine. One t... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Seaweed - Treasures of the Sea I

    ... and for once we are not talking fish but seaweed! The next time you walk on the shore and look at the stranded seaweed, you will most likely think "Wow" and not: "Oh this boring stuff again..." after reading what we have to say about it. We already have a lot of information about the health b... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Seaweed - Treasures from the Sea II

    photo courtesy of Quality SeaVeg In the first part of Treasures from the Sea, we talked mostly about Algaran and how they work. Today, it is Quality Sea Veg's turn. Quality Sea Veg concentrates on processing seaweed as a very healthy food supplement. Parts of the seaweed is washed, dried and... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Mackerel

    Mackerel is one of the most health beneficial kinds of fish you can eat - it contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids of which we can never consume enough. Mackerel is a common name applied to a number of different species of fish. They occur in all tropical and temperate seas. The Atlantic Mackerel ... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Life Cycle of Salmon

    Salmon are one of the few fish species which can live in salt and freshwater. They spend their juvenile lives in rivers, then migrate to the sea and return later to the place they were born. - The migration to the spawning habitat may commence up to a year before spawning takes place in autumn or... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Our Environmental Policy Statement

    Burren Smokehouse has recently joined the local Clare Ecotourism project. We have in our visitor centre an information point set up by Burren Connect giving online access to facts about environmental awareness, conservation, education, research and traffic management for the Burren. As a result... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Scotch on the Rocks

    This blog post has a connection to one of our products which was awarded a 2-star Gold Medal at the Great Taste Awards in 2010 - our Organic Cold Smoked Salmon with Honey, Whiskey & Fennel! Over a century ago, in 1909, explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton who was born in 1874 in County K... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Difference between Rainbow and Sea Trout

    Roughly speaking, one can say that the rainbow trout is a freshwater fish, and the sea trout one that lives mainly in salt water. The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is native only to the rivers and lakes of North America, west of the Rocky Mountains, and of the tributaries of the Pacific ... Read more
  • 9th February 2011 Shipping smoked salmon

    There are many worried questions we get from customers over the website or in our visitor centre especially in summer, as it is not obvious if and how you can ship smoked salmon when it is scorching hot outside. The short answer is: Yes we can ship it to many destinations in the world, and we do ... Read more
  • 8th February 2011 Leek and Smoked Salmon Roulade

    This delicious and fairly easy recipe is based on the Leek and Ricotta Roulade by the in Dublin, now relocated to their terrific premises at 19 South William Street. - serves 2 - Ingredients: 4 oz / 110 g butter 4 medium-sized leek, chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed... Read more

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