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  • 31st May 2012 What we are up to

    Birgitta will be attending several events this month in order to promote our Burren smoked Irish salmon. She will be in Dublin to dine with the Swedish ambassador, go to the States and to Sweden. Having recently become a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Ireland, she has attende... Read more
  • 30th May 2012 Donal Skehan's Blinis with Burren Smoked Irish Salmon

    ... and quick pickled beetroot We owe this recipe to Donal Skehan, Ireland's talented and lovely young chef who was giving cookery demos at the 2012 Burren Slow Food Festival. He writes in the preamble to this recipe in the May issue of the Food & Wine magazine: "These wonderful little blini... Read more
  • 26th May 2012 Best Gastro-pub in Munster - the Roadside Tavern

    Last week, the Roadside Tavern was given the "Best Gastro-Pub in Munster" award by the Restaurant Association of Ireland. We want to congratulate Kieran O'Halloran who is operating Kieran's Kitchen in the pub, and his team on their great success! The Roadside Tavern is just up the road from th... Read more
  • 23rd May 2012 Catch our Burren Smoked Salmon!

    Bloom in the Park in Dublin is the next event we will be attending with a stall. You can talk to Birgitta Hedin Curtin, the company owner, and ask her questions you have always wanted to ask. You can also taste and buy our salmon there and enter our competition - who would not want to have a si... Read more
  • 20th May 2012 i-SEO and Smoked salmon

    If you think that all we do all day long is salting and smoking salmon, pushing trolleys into kilns and light smoky fires, you are very mistaken. Well, let's say that some of do that while other go around the country and abroad to promote our Fine Irish Foods, or Irish Salmon to be more precise. ... Read more
  • 17th May 2012 First salmon of the season!

    BREAKING NEWS - 17 May 2012 On 12 May, the wild salmon season was opened again. That means that very limited, allocated quantities of wild salmon can be caught in the rivers in a very skillful way - almost "by hand" -, as opposed to driftnet fishing out on the sea (which is still banned in I... Read more
  • 17th May 2012 Chefs are tasting and Learning in the Lounge

    Our new Dublin-based distributor ODIAOS FOODS have come up with a great concept to engage chefs and other customers with food producers. They have launched the Learning Lounge with an event this week in (privately owned) Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin. Birgitta was one of about 20 food producers... Read more
  • 15th May 2012 Another kosher year...

    Like every year for the last three years, our kosher certification was under close scrutiny by Rabbi Eckstein from KLBD. We are happy to report that our products were kosher certified for another year. We know from feedback that this triggered some very personal and emotional positive reaction... Read more

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