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  • 31st July 2012 Our man in New York

    This month, Smurfitts Business School fellowship student Gareth Murphy will start working at the Bord Bía office in New York. His mission will be to find new customers for the Burren Smokehouse and some other Irish food businesses, and to do market research. Gareth spent a few days with us in ... Read more
  • 30th July 2012 A short history of the barbecue

    Just to let you know straight away: apparently, slapping a steak on a barbecue, charcoal it and then smother it in various American white and red sauces is NOT considered proper barbecuing. That out of the way - where does this tradition derive from, and who "invented" it? The origins of the b... Read more
  • 28th July 2012 Amazing food Per Se

    Restaurants with 3 Michelin stars usually have their own sommeliers (wine experts) who match the dishes chosen by the guests with the best suitable wines. Birgitta recently had the experience with not one but two sommeliers to help her with the wine selection in the Per Se Restaurant in New York.... Read more
  • 27th July 2012 Selfridges convinced of Burren Organic salmon

    Do you remember our participation in Selfridges promotional weeks in April? Under the motto "Delicious Ireland", 50 producers of fine foods had the opportunity to prove themselves and their products to the English market for three weeks. Some among these did so well that Selfridges decided to lis... Read more
  • 25th July 2012 Irish Times: Questions put to Birgitta

    On two occasions, the Irish Times recently asked Birgitta questions about herself, her business and asked for her recommendations of local places in Clare. The fact that the renowned Irish newspaper approached Birgitta twice is highlighting the ever growing profile of Birgitta in the food world! ... Read more
  • 20th July 2012 Martin Shanahan's Mackerel with Warm potato salad & chorizo salad

    We owe this recipe to Martin Shanahan's, chef and owner of the Fishy Fishy restaurant in Kinsale. He cooked this recipe for the 2011 TV series "Martin is still mad about fish" which was aired on Irish television. The mackerel can also be grilled during a barbecue, with the rest of the recipe p... Read more

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