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  • 22nd November 2013 New Irish Salmon Cookbook

    Sunday Times 27 October 2013   Wild salmon used to be the staple food of those living near rivers in the Ireland of old. This is what inspired foodie Máirín Uí Chomáin - a former home economics teacher, presenter of cooking shows on RTE and cookbook author - to write a cookbook with jus... Read more
  • 4th November 2013 In the French "Guide des Gourmands" 2014

    For the second time in a row we are mentioned in the French "Guide des Gourmands" which is a gourmet's directory to the addresses and characterstics of good food producers in France and Europe. From bakeries to wineries to smokeries and everything between - the list of products is as long as i... Read more
  • 1st November 2013 Burren Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Pea Bake

    Cook: Ciara Dolan from Ciara’s Creations Serves 6 as a starter. Double the quantities to serve it as dinner for 3-4 people. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 40-45 minutes Ingredients: 12 free range organic eggs olive oil 350-400g Burren Smoked Irish Salmon 200g fresh spin... Read more

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