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  • 24th March 2014 Get active in the Burren

    This Every-Friday-series complements beautifully the Every-Monday-series which takes you on a journey through the different foods and tastes to be sampled in the Burren. Make a long weekend of it to take it all in! See here for more details. The members of the Burren Ecotourism have put togeth... Read more
  • 24th March 2014 Taste the Burren - every Monday

    A special treat is awaiting those among you who are visiting the Burren this summer: The Burren Food Trail Mondays. This Every-Monday-series complements beautifully the Every-Friday-series which enables you to try out different activities in the Burren with expert guides. Make a long weekend of i... Read more
  • 21st March 2014 St. Patrick's Day broadcast from Clare

    Broadcasting to a global audience reached a different level this St. Patrick's Day: This broadcast was a lifeline to especially the Irish diaspora living in far-flung places who were able to enjoy a great mix of Irish traditional and contemporary music as well as information on County Clare all d... Read more
  • 10th March 2014 Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace Ireland is a network of organisations and individuals with an interest in promoting the responsible recreational use of the outdoors. As increasing numbers of people seek the beauty and exhilaration of outdoor recreation, our collective mark on the environment and its natural proce... Read more
  • 6th March 2014 The Burren Tourism Story - told in pictures

    We are very lucky to be living and working - and spending our spare time - in the Burren area! That became very clear during the launch of the Burren Tourism Story which took place in The Pavilion in Lisdoonvarna on 5th March 2014. Many of the members of the Burren Ecotourism Network displayed... Read more
  • 4th March 2014 Egg with spinach & Burren Hot smoked salmon in skillets

    There is a bit of green in this month's recipe just in tune with St. Patrick's Day! This makes a delicious brunch, lunch or even hearty breakfast on the most Irish of all days. For four skillets/people Ingredients: 2 tblsp olive oil, divided among the four pans 2 tblsp unsalted butter... Read more
  • 3rd March 2014 Going for Greener pastures - Origin Green

    The financial bottom line is the most important line in any business. That is a known fact. But what about the environment? It is widely accepted (if not always acted upon) that it is important to treat it with respect and in a sustainable way. So how can we achieve a healthy profit and treat ... Read more

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