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  • 31st July 2014 We have been shortlisted - three times!

    There are very few marketing tools that are really powerful, but winning awards is one of them. We submitted a few products to an Irish awards scheme, and all three of them have been shortlisted in the Irish Quality Foods section. The Irish Quality Food and Drinks Awards are open to all Ir... Read more
  • 28th July 2014 Clare splash in Food & Wine

    Georgina Campbell, well-known author and owner of the Ireland Guide website, has been writing a series of food reviews by counties, and in this month's edition of the Food & Wine magazine, it was County Clare's turn to be sussed out. It becomes clear very quickly where the bulk of the food... Read more
  • 15th July 2014 Lunch for Green Ambassadors

        Ireland is establishing a reputation as a "Green Country" with pure, natural foods. Going a step further, Bord Bía, the Irish food marketing body, have established a programme called Origin Green, which is brought to life by its members, the food producers and farmers. The... Read more
  • 14th July 2014 Christmas in July

    For some people, Christmas can't come fast enough. Others again start thinking about it a week beforehand half given a chance. And then there is the media who are working anti-cyclical to the seasons. This week, it was the against-the-season journalists, TV producers, bloggers and freelancers ... Read more
  • 2nd July 2014 Favourite film location

    This week, we had the pleasure of the visit of a Canadian film crew and a well-known actress. They planned to stay for a little while to film at the Burren Smokehouse - and ended up staying almost all day! Birgitta guided the crew and Canadian actress Josée Deschênes through the salting room a... Read more
  • 1st July 2014 Burren Salmon Summer Salad with asparagus

     All we need this summer is a light and refreshing dinner - nothing too heavy, but it has to be tasty! With this in mind, we have chosen this summery salad which will be satisfying and light at the same time. - Serves 6  and takes about 30 minutes to prepare - Ingredients: 500g trofie or... Read more

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