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  • 18th June 2015 5 ways to heighten your Smoked Salmon Experience

    What would be the most important accessory, if you want to call it that, to choose for a meal with smoked salmon? The bread that goes with it? What about the beverages, for example wine, that are being served with the dish? Yes, they are very important, so we want to explore a bit which wine goes... Read more
  • 8th June 2015 Prince Charles gets a taste of the Burren

    On 19th May 2015, a historical visit took place which started in the Burren! His Royal Highness Prince Charles and his wife Camilla flew into Shannon airport to start their visit of the west coast of Ireland. As Prince Charles is very interested in conservation and organically grown foods, Bur... Read more
  • 2nd June 2015 Burren Smoked Irish Salmon Bread Pudding

    This bread pudding is a great idea for brunches or light lunches, even dinners. The advantage with this recipe is that you prepare the bread pudding the day before you need it, and just bake it off before your meal. Serves 10 to 12 people Ingredients: 8 large eggs 1.5 cups whole milk 1... Read more

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