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  • 30th August 2015 Enchiladas stuffed with Smoked Salmon

    This is a Mexian recipe with an Irish twist. It is very easy and will tickle your tastebuds! Ingredients: Sauce: ca. 400 g / 140z  chopped tomatoes 500 ml / 2.5 cups of broth 1 tblsp chili powder 1 garlic clove 1/2 tsp dried oregano 1/2 tsp ground cumin Enchiladas: 150 g / 1 cup red o... Read more
  • 26th August 2015 Pizza - from Greece to Lisdoonvarna

    Pizza has been a favourite with a lot of people all over the Western world, and contrary to what most people think - it did not originate in Italy! It is actually a very old kind food that was invented in Greece, and fine tuned in Italy. There is an interesting blog post on the Good Food Irela... Read more
  • 24th August 2015 Burren Smoked Irish Salmon in Milwaukee

    You may have heard of the biggest Irish Festival in the world, which just took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was a very busy weekend with an amazing 125,000 visiting the festival which displays everything that is Irish or has Irish connections. Duncan and Richard Blair of Blairs Inn near B... Read more
  • 22nd August 2015 How to smoke fish in a wok

    Birgitta was requested by Fáilte Ireland and the Wild Atlantic Way to impart with her suggestion as to how to smoke fish at home. Follow this link to find out how she would be smoking at home - with a wok! You don't need a huge kiln to make good smoked fish. Instead of a wok, you could also ta... Read more
  • 19th August 2015 Birgitta among the most influential women in Ireland's food world!

    In their August 2015 issue, the magazine The Taste has been looking at the food industry in Ireland, how it has changed over the last few years and how it stands now. They interviewed and portrayed some of Ireland’s most influential women to get their views on food in Ireland. And Birgitta He... Read more

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