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  • 19th May 2020 Burren Breakfast Basket - Triad complete!

    After launching the first two Burren Baskets (medium and large), we realised that there was a great demand for Irish food and a desire to support small Irish businesses. In times of easy online ordering from certain big players, this was something we had not really expected. We were taken by... Read more
  • 8th May 2020 Neighbourfood - New kid in the hood

    A brand new concept took hold in Ireland, and we joined the new way of delivering food to customers. The workings of it couldn't be easier: You order on the Neighbourfood website, and then choose the market that is located most conveniently for you. You select the products and quantities yo... Read more
  • 5th May 2020 Eating fish - supporting your immune system

    In these uncertain times, more than ever, people are worried about their health and hence are looking for ways to support their immune system. Did you know that seafood, both fish and shellfish, provides essential nutrients to the body? Those nutrients keep the immune health functioning as it... Read more
  • 1st May 2020 St. Tola Goats Cheese Pasta with Burren Hot Smoked Salmon

    A "divine" recipe by St. Tola Goats Cheese in Co. Clare - so easy peasy and fast to make, and yet so delicious! Full of flavours, this pasta recipe is great for busy summer evenings. And two of the ingredients can actually be found in the Burren Basket - Medium! (The larger version also lends its... Read more

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