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  • 28th April 2021 Share a delicious virtual meal with clients or colleagues!

    Break bread with clients and colleagues once again. With the pandemic we’ve had to rethink how to reach out to potential customers and clients. We now know that we don't need to be in the same room with potential customers to make that sales pitch or discuss progress. We can do it all v... Read more
  • 19th April 2021 New info website for Burren visitors

    Exactly 10 years ago, the Burren Ecotourism Network was formally launched. We remember it like it was yesterday - a great celebration at Gregans Castle was had by the founder members! In the last decade, the amount of restaurants, food producers, activity and accommodation providers joining th... Read more
  • 16th April 2021 Enjoy the Roadside Tavern music session now on YouTube!

    We had a bit of an idea for St. Patrick's Day, and suggested to Peter Curtin at the Roadside Tavern to stream a live session on Facebook. If because of the pandemic, people can't travel to Ireland, and no pub is open, we wanted to bring a bit of joy in the shape of live music to the world. ... Read more
  • 15th April 2021 The Burren Slow Food Festival goes virtual

    Last year, the pandemic and ensuing restrictions came as a surprise for us, so we were not able to organise an alternative festival. This year, we will be having a virtual celebration of all that is local foods, chefs and even music! The festival is organised in conjunction with the Burren Ecoto... Read more
  • 13th April 2021 Beat the home office blues with virtual lunch meetings!

    For the last 12 months, more and more companies embraced letting their employees work from home to keep them safe and the operation going. This has of course its upsides like a radically reduced commute (all of 15 seconds, give or take?), being in your own environment without distractions from... Read more
  • 8th April 2021 Virtual Team Building - Taste the Burren!

    Working from home is a new reality for many office teams. This new reality means we won't meet anymore at the coffee machine and have a chat. One negative side effect can be the feeling of isolation, and it is certainly making being or building a team much more difficult. One solution is to ha... Read more
  • 1st April 2021 Burren Smoked Salmon Tagine with Couscous

    Bord Bía came up with this easy Smoked Salmon Tagine which is sure to be a family favourite. The spices, which are a classic combination, give a wonderful depth of flavour. Tagine is a Berber dish, named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. Serves 4 people Ingredients: ... Read more

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