The Burren Smokehouse

Birgitta und Peter Curtin in der Roadside Tavern, Lisdoonvarna. The Burren Smokehouse is a family-run business that was set up in 1989 by Birgitta & Peter Curtin. They researched the smoking traditions in Ireland and in Sweden and the idea of the Smokehouse was born. For over a century now, the Curtin family have owned the 'Roadside Tavern' nearby which was the first place where their own smoked salmon was served. Its quality became known very soon, and pubs, hotels and restaurants in the Lisdoonvarna area started to order salmon from the Smokehouse. At that time three people were working in the Smokehouse, today there is a team of almost 20. Orders started to come in from all over Ireland, followed by those from hotels and restaurants in the UK. Nowadays, the Burren Smokehouse supplies smoked salmon all over the world, within 48 hours.

Burren Smokehouse visitor centresThe Burren Smokehouse continues to extend its reputation in its original market areas and has developed a major business in Corporate Mail Order and online orders where companies use modern dispatch facilities to send sides of smoked salmon to their clients worldwide. Many of these patrons are from Continental Europe and the U.S. with a growing number coming from the Far East and the emerging Eastern European markets.

The Burren Smokehouse has also addressed the wholesale and bulk catering markets including airline catering, supermarkets and specialist gourmet food chains in continental Europe and the United Kingdom. Over the past years it has gained extensive experience in developing product and packaging requirements for specific client needs and is now in the process of marketing this expertise in the European markets.

In 1995, we opened our visitor centre to showcase the traditional way of smoking, our products and those of other food producers in the area. Visitors can get a tasting of our Burren smoked Irish salmon and watch a DVD presentation about the smoking process. They can discover mosaics inside and outside our shop that are telling the story of the "Salmon of Knowledge".

We carefully source our quality raw materials for the Burren Smoked Salmon, Trout and Mackerel. We control our own quality standards with backup of regular testing from independent laboratories and regular checks from organisations who certify us.

We believe in Finest Quality Food Products, good customer care and a good group of team workers to ensure that we keep up our standards.

Birgitta says, "We are very passionate about the quality of our products and about our customer service. It is this passion and the high quality level that attracted the attention of such customers like Fortnum & Mason, Harrods and Selfridges in England. Queen Elizabeth II and almost 180 guests enjoyed our Smoked Irish Organic Salmon as a starter during the historic State Dinner in Dublin Castle in May of 2011."


And these are the associations we are part of:

Burren Ecotourism logo Burren Smokehouse
The Burren Smokehouse is part of the Burren Ecotourism Network which is a circle of 20 businesses located in the Burren who are committed to offer environmentally friendly services to tourists coming to the area.
Read more here about our Environmental Policy and the Burren Ecotourism Network members.
Ecotourism Ireland Burren smokehouseEcoTourism Ireland is working in partnership with local businesses all over Ireland to develop EcoTourism as a product of excellence. After a long process the Burren Smokehouse was certified the Gold Award by EcoTourism Ireland in 2011. Read more here.
Unesco Global Geopark Burren Cliffs of MoherThe Burren & Cliffs of Moher Geopark is a status for our area - including local businesses and everybody living here - which was initiated by the UNESCO. It is given to areas of outstanding geological formations which influence the lives of all creatures living there. Read more here.
Good Food Ireland
Good Food Ireland is an industry-driven food tourism organisation which was established in November 2006. Many good food operators in a cross-section of establishments all around the island from restaurants to accommodation, pubs to food shops to cookery schools wanted to be recognised and endorsed for their commitment to using Irish, local and artisan food produce. Read more here.
Slow Food Clare, Burren Smokehouse
Slow Food
aims are first and foremost to educate people about wonderful local culinary resources in the face of the over-commercialisation, globalisation and homogenisation of our food. Read more here.


Gift Calendar 2021

- so you remember to order your Burren Smoked Salmon gifts in time for the next holiday:

1 January: New Year's Day
15 January:
Martin Luther King Day (USA) [always 3rd Monday in January]
14 February: Valentine's Day
17 February: President's Day (USA) [always 3rd Monday in February]
17 March: St. Patrick's Day (IRL, N.I.)
14 March: Mothering Day (IRL, UK) [always on 4th Sunday of Lent]
2 April: Good Friday (UK, N.I.)
5 April: Easter Monday (IRL, UK)
3 May: Bank Holiday (IRL, UK, N.I.) [always 1st Monday in May]
9 May: Mother's Day (USA, CAN) [always 2nd Sunday in May]
24 May: Victoria Day (CAN) [always the Monday preceding 25th May]
24 May: Memorial Day (USA, UK, N.I.) [always last Monday in May]
7 June: Bank Holiday (IRL) [always 1st Monday in June]
20 June: Father's Day (IRL, UK, USA, CAN)
1 July: Canada Day (CAN)
4 July: Independence Day (USA)
12 July: Battle of the Boyne/Orangemen's Day (N.I.)
2 August: Bank Holiday (IRL, Scotland) [always 1st Monday in August]
30 August: Bank Holiday (England, Wales, N.I.) [always last Monday in August]
6 September: Labor Day (USA) [always 1st Monday in September]
11 October: Thanksgiving (Canada) [always 2nd Monday in October]
25 October: Bank Holiday (IRL) [always last Monday in October]
11 November: Veteran's Day (USA)
25 November: Thanksgiving (USA) [always 4th Thursday in November]
30 November: St. Andrew's Day (Scotland)
25 December: Christmas Day (IRL, UK, USA, CAN)
26 December: St. Stephen's Day (IRL)

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