Info-Feature - Terra Madre

F54More than 5,000 representatives from the worldwide Terra Madre network will meet in Turin, Italy, for the fourth time at the end of October, among them Birgitta, one of her daughters and a friend. The meeting coincides once again with the international Slow Food fair Salone del Gusto. There will be specific opportunities during the event to receive information, to present projects involving taste education (gardens, canteen and school projects etc.) or food biodiversity (Presidia and Earth Markets) and to organise Terra Madre Day in everybody's community or country.

Birgitta's focus will be on the school project. The Mary Immaculate Secondary School in Lisdoonvarna is currently the only school in the Republic of Ireland to be participating, together with another one in Northern Ireland. The project highlights the need for healthy food to be consumed in school (canteens). The school in Lisdoonvarna does not avail of a canteen where healthy food options would be on offer, but the students will be educated about healthy eating and healthy food options.

In addition, a voucher system for the local shops is in place. Parents buy vouchers which then will be swapped against healthy foods by the students.