Difference between Rainbow and Sea Trout

Trout by Gregor Moser 440147 on unsplash.comRoughly speaking, one can say that the rainbow trout is a freshwater fish, and the sea trout one that lives mainly in salt water.

The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is native only to the rivers and lakes of North America, west of the Rocky Mountains, and of the tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia. Its value as a hard-fighting game fish and tasty meal, however, has led to its introduction in freshwater bodies around the world.

The rainbow trout is a species of salmonid. On the west coast of the United States, there is a sea run form of rainbow trout called steelhead which usually returns after two to three years at sea. They are the same species, the difference is that the steelhead migrate from salt water to spawn in fresh water.

The sea trout (Salmo trutta morpha trutta) shows anadromous reproduction, meaning it migrates to the oceans for much of its life and returns to freshwater only to spawn, like the salmon. Sea trout in the UK and Ireland have many regional names including sewin (Wales), finnock (Scotland), mort (North West England) and white trout (Ireland).

Trout make for a very tasty meal, as simple and easy or as sophisticated as you like. It is rich in Omega-3 oils and low in calories, and contains vitamins A and D. So give our recipe below a try and taste it for yourself! And if you fancy seeing trout for yourself, take a trip down to Kilkenny and visit the Goatsbridge Trout farm free of charge. They will be delighted to show you around.