Shipping smoked salmon

Opening the kilnThere are many worried questions we get from customers over the website or in our visitor centre especially in summer, as it is not obvious if and how you can ship smoked salmon when it is scorching hot outside. The short answer is: Yes we can ship it to many destinations in the world, and we do it with courier services.

Let us go back in history for a bit. Before the advent of refrigerators, and even before the invention and building of railroads, people had different ways of preserving perishables. Foods were fermented (grapes become wine), pickled (gherkins and peppers), salted or cured (herring in brine, cured cod), cooked (fruits turn into jam), dried (stockfish = dried cod) and smoked (fish, meat). This was particularly important for long sea journeys. The meat and other preserved foods were probably not particularly appreciated anymore after months and months of the same diet, but at least the sailors still had something to eat. Then later on, the making of ice was mastered and used to chill perishables, and the "fast" transport by railroad solved a few of the preservation problems. Today we cannot imagine that something as soft as salmon can stay out of the fridge for longer than an hour, but it actually can.

It will keep easily for 2 to 3 days without being chilled even in warm and hot weather conditions because of the special process it has been submitted to: the salting, smoking - which are two of the ancient ways of preserving food - and vacuum packing. So even if your smoked fish arrives with a temperature that equals the forehead of a feverish child, there is no problem with enjoying the fish if you keep it in the chill on arrival.

For more important information on how to make shipping our smoked salmon a success click here! And we also have a FAQ section, where all your other questions will be answered.