Our Salmon Buying Club

The Burren Smokehouse SALMON BUYING CLUB is an idea that was inspired by our customers who saw the advantages of amalgamating their orders with other smoked fish lovers among their relatives, neighbours, friends and work colleagues.

What are the advantages for you?
When you ask the people in your family, workplace etc if they would like to place an order for smoked fish, you achieve a few things:

- the price of the smoked fish will be reduced by 12.5% for orders over 20 kg

- the freight will come cheaper, because we will drop the high rate for the first kilo of each delivery which is usually the most expensive one. So for a delivery of 20 kg to the United Kingdom you will pay €79 instead of €94.60.

How do you go about joining our Salmon Buying Club?
First of all, find out who in your circle of friends and relatives would want to join in. We will be delighted to send out as many catalogues as you need by post. Or you can direct your friends to our website where they will be able to see all the products. You then collect their orders and pass the total order on to us.

If you want to, you can send us an email or fax or letter with your order, or you place your order on the website. You should mention the words "Salmon Buying Club" when sending us an order by email etc.
The prices will be adjusted automatically to the conditions herein stipulated when placing your order online.

- over 20 kg
- to be shipped to one delivery address

will qualify for a
- 12.5% discount
- reduced freight rate (high rate for first kilo replaced by the rate for the 2nd kilo)