Chef Catherine Fulvio mentioned...

Catherine Fulvio Ballyknocken burren smokehouse...our Burren Smoked Salmon on national Irish radio RTE1. She gave an interview on 1st August as the dedicated chef in connection with the dinner for the US Congress in Washington D.C.

Irish chef Catherine Fulvio from Ballyknocken House & Cookery School spoke warmly of our smoked Salmon and other Irish food products she selected for the occasion.

In the radio interview, she told the listeners how she - as an Irish chef - got invited by two Americans who stayed with her last autumn for a cookery course. These people were the ones who organised the dinner, and they were clearly impressed with Catherine's culinary skills and her passion for Irish food!

Word must have gotten around in the States, because a few days later, the wife of a congressman was spotted by another American lady buying salmon and other things to her heart's content in our visitor centre.