i-SEO and Smoked salmon

If you think that all we do all day long is salting and smoking salmon, pushing trolleys into kilns and light smoky fires, you are very mistaken. Well, let's say that some of do that while other go around the country and abroad to promote our Fine Irish Foods, or Irish Salmon to be more precise. Others again, like myself (Karin), are trying to get a grip on everything to do with the internet, newsletters and social media.

The whole internet area is a constantly shifting quicksand, because what was true and the thing to do today might be oh-so-wrong tomorrow. It is easy to lose your way if you don't enlist the help of somebody who knows and is up-to-date with search engine optimisation, email marketing etiquette and all of that.
One person who really knows and seems to be very interested in his job - almost makes it his hobby - is Ivan Morrin from i-SEO.

We had a gre153i-SEO-Online-Marketing-Services-Galway-Ireland-Ivan-Morrin-Logo-180-150x88at session with him getting a lot of information, ideas and simple things to do out of it. Ivan suggested not only improvements in the S(earch) E(engine) O(ptimisation) and email marketing sectors, but also marketing ideas and everything else that would become important when communicating by newsletter.

We learnt so much in a very short period of time, that we will need weeks to implement everything. Happy times!