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Fancy food fair DC 2011

Birgitta will be attending several events this month in order to promote our Burren smoked Irish salmon. She will be in Dublin to dine with the Swedish ambassador, go to the States and to Sweden.

Having recently become a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Ireland, she has attended a dinner held by the Swedish Ambassador in a prestigious hotel in the city of Dublin at the end of May.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is organising a Midsummer's Party on Bloomsday (which is the 16 June as a celebration of James Joyce's novel "Ulysses"). Birgitta will attend, and also bring some of our salmon for everybody to enjoy...

June seems to be the "Swedish month" for her, as she will be travelling to Stockholm on invitation of Bord Bía and Tourism Ireland to be one of the "stars" at a media event under the motto Taste of Ireland in the Irish embassy over there. Members of the general Swedish, food and tourism media are invited. The purpose of this event is to showcase Ireland as a food and tourism nation and to invite the journalist to a media visit in September.

And last but not least, she will be travelling to the Fancy Food Fair in Washington DC in the second half of June. It is a show that is among the most important food fairs in the United States.