THE Irish Fest - Milwaukee

79Milwaukee-Irish-fest-logoFor those of you living in the USA, the Milwaukee Irish Fest (15 to 18 August) is definitely well known. But even beyond the United States borders, the biggest Irish festival outside Ireland is famous, a bit like the Oktoberfest in Munich!

Birgitta Hedin Curtin will be going over to be an ambassador for the Burren, County Clare, and Ireland in general. She will tackle the promotional approach from an artisan food angle - and what better way to do that than offer them tastings of our Burren Smoked Salmon! The idea is that once the broader public recognises a travel destination as a gourmet destination that has more to offer than just breathtaking landscapes, they are even more likely to want to experience those destinations for themselves. The festival-goers will be lured into coming to Ireland hook, line and sinker, excuse the pun.

Birgitta will give talks and salmon smoking demos, and our salmon can of course also be tasted. Her aim is to have the salmon fishing and smoking appreciated as the ancient techniques that they are. So if you happen to go to the festival, please drop in on her and say hello!

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