A Farmette goes wild salmon fishing

Snapnet fishing FarmetteImen, the American "Farmette" (which also happens to be the name of her blog), took time out from her busy life as a farmer's wife to document how wild salmon is being fished in Ireland. She accompanied Birgitta Hedin Curtin from the Burren Smokehouse and Mick Murphy the wild salmon fisherman on the first fishing trip of the season.

The fishermen on the River Nore have developed a special technique of catching salmon, the snapnet fishing. As you can see in the picture, a net is submerged between two traditional boats - cots - with flat bottoms. When the fishermen notice a movement in the net, they pull it up simultaneously on both sides. This technique ensures that the salmon is far less stressed than the one caught with a fishing rod.

Imen tells her readers about her experience and the inspiration it gave her for a new salmon taco recipe. See her beautiful pictures and share her excitement!

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