Burren, a great place for food

Burren Slow Food Festival 2013

According to the people speaking at this year's Slow Food Festival, the Burren is a great place to produce beef, cheese, smoked salmon and more artisan foods. And a great place to live.

The speakers comprised of Frank O'Grady, dairy farmer; Siobhan NĂ­ Ghairbhith, owner of St. Tola's Goats Cheese; Birgitta Hedin Curtin, manager-owner of the Burren Smokehouse. And others who are experts in their fields.

But it was not only about food. It was also about (food) tourism, and how it all ties in with the recently achieved Geopark status, a status which is also a project that is aiming at providing a livelihood for everybody living in the Burren.

It is becoming more and more evident that the Burren can sustain itself as a place where people can make a living - through ecofriendly and sustainable tourism, and above all through the production and offering of food. If you are surprised that there are many businesses there are in the Burren who are involved in the food side of thing, check out the Burren Ecotourism Food Trail and the Weekly Food Series - things to do on your next holidays in the west of Ireland.