Salmon invasion in London

68Harrods-Foodhall-bags-150x150You can imagine how we were over the moon with the amazing results of our unique Smoked Salmon marinades and qualities at this year's Great Taste Awards, which are the food world's equivalent to the film industry's "Oscars".

A direct and immediate result of our success at the Great Taste Awards 2013, we gained two more customers that are well-known far beyond the city limits of London, and extended our range with a third one.

The new and world-renowned customers Selfridges and Harrods have been carrying the winning salmon products since the beginning of September.

We already supplied Fortnum & Mason with our Burren Cold Smoked Irish Organic Salmon under their own brand. Now they extended their range to some more of our different salmon marinades.

Birgitta went to London for the Speciality Food Fair and spent the following week giving out samples at the three foodhalls. It seems our salmon takes the savvy London gourmet world by storm!