Birgitta granting insights - FoodIEs Expo

60Foodies-Expo-logo-2014-150x150Later this month, on 26 February 2014, Birgitta will be a guest speaker at the FoodIEs Expo which will take place in Limerick.

FoodIEs Expo came about two years ago when the organisers Cater Care Ltd as well as a number of local businesses in the mid-west region came up with the idea to create a meeting point for people in the catering and hospitality industries both new and established. The idea was that Industry Experts (this is where the name foodIEs Expo comes from) and any related businesses with an innovative product or service would come together in one room and display their wares.

Birgitta will give an insight in her journey from a small smokery supplying a few sides of salmon to the local restaurants to a smokehouse that provides high-quality salmon to businesses and private customers all over the world.

Here is a link to the FoodIEs Expo website for more information.