Ireland through Austrian eyes

57-50+-Andreas-Hollinek-blog1-150x150In June 2013, Austrian blogger Andreas Hollinek travelled to Ireland and wrote this lovely blog about his visit to the Emerald Isle, covering Dublin, Galway City and Clare. (Don't let the German language put you off - the pictures speak their own universal language!)

In spite of his very short trip of only 4 days in total, he captured the essence of the destinations in beautiful pictures. It helped, of course, that the weather was fantastic.

He made it to the Guinness Store House, Bloom in the Park, Galway City, Tipperary, the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren Smokehouse!

We are very flattered that in spite of his tight time schedule, Andreas was so interested in what we do that he asked to take a tour of our production facilities. In the picture he published on the blog, you can see our own Jerry trimming sides of salmon.

Andreas Hollinek is writing for a website which caters for an audience of 50 years of age and above. The subjects cover everything that would be of interest for this age group, like gardening, health, travels, finances and more.