Going for Greener pastures - Origin Green

55Origin-Green-Logo-150x150The financial bottom line is the most important line in any business. That is a known fact. But what about the environment? It is widely accepted (if not always acted upon) that it is important to treat it with respect and in a sustainable way.

So how can we achieve a healthy profit and treat the environment in a sustainable way? Especially in Ireland, we are depending on an intact nature as a big percentage of our economy is depending directly or indirectly on agriculture and marine sources. So we have a huge interest in treating nature well.

Saving water is one way of doing that. We are lucky that it rains down a lot onto the Emerald Isle compared to rain-deprived countries, even if it doesn't always make us feel lucky! Meaning we hardly need any water for irrigation.

But there are other ways apart from saving water that would help the environment - and the finally bottom line. Bord Bía (The Irish Food Board) has set up an initiative called "Origin Green" which encourages farmers, fishermen and food & drink producers to commit to operating sustainably. The areas in which performances will be improved cover greenhouse gas emission, energy conservation, water management, biodiversity, community initiatives and health & nutrition.

The Burren Smokehouse has registered for this scheme, and we will be working on further reducing our footprint in nature!