The Burren Tourism Story - told in pictures

53Burren-Tourism-Story-032-150x150We are very lucky to be living and working - and spending our spare time - in the Burren area! That became very clear during the launch of the Burren Tourism Story which took place in The Pavilion in Lisdoonvarna on 5th March 2014.

Many of the members of the Burren Ecotourism Network displayed their offerings, be it accommodation, food or outdoor activities.

The guest speakers included Prof. Finbarr Bradley, author and green business lecturer. He made the inspiring point about "Making Meaning - Making Money" - roughly translated into "Don't start off doing something to make money, but because you're passionate about it, because you want to make a difference. The money will follow suit!"

Fiona Monaghan, Head of Programmes & Delivery, Fáilte Ireland, introduced the Wild Atlantic Way in great detail to the audience which had been officially launched last week. After her talk, we all wanted to pack our suitcases to travel to the west of Ireland until we came out of our daze and realised - we are already there!

Pól O’Conghaile, award-winning travel writer and journalist, concluded this illustrious round of speakers. He revealed the equally inspiring "10 Truths in Travelling".

Click here to see pictures of the launch of the Burren (Eco)Tourism Story