Witnessing a historical event

47Queen-and-Michael-D-Higgins-150x150Next week, a historical event of epic proportions will take place, and Birgitta as well as our Burren Smoked Organic Irish Salmon will be there to take an active part in it! The Irish President Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina will officially visit the United Kingdom.

There have been friendly visits of Irish presidents to the UK before, but, as the Palace put it in words that capture a century of politics in one sentence, “This is the first State visit to the United Kingdom by a President of Ireland”.

This visit is as historic as the one of Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland three years ago, and it ends centuries of unrest and hostility between the two countries. The Queen is opening her arms and heart to the Irish people and State, and it also means that Ireland is officially recognised as an independent country.

Once visits of heads of states are officially being titled "State Visits", the entire diplomatic protocol is being rolled out. The President and his wife will even be staying at Windsor Castle, which is considered a special honour.

During his 3 day visit, President Michael D Higgins will be attending an Evening of Irish Culture in the Royal Albert Hall on 10th April 2014. And guess who will also be there? Birgitta who had been invited by the Irish Ambassador, and our Burren Smoked Organic Irish Salmon. At an reception afterwards, canapees sporting - among others - our smoked salmon will be served to the guests.