Christmas in July

36DSC_1986-cropped-208x300For some people, Christmas can't come fast enough. Others again start thinking about it a week beforehand half given a chance. And then there is the media who are working anti-cyclical to the seasons.

This week, it was the against-the-season journalists, TV producers, bloggers and freelancers who were invited to celebrate Irish food for Christmas. Bord Bía organised a press event in London which showcased all the Irish foods which are available for purchase in the United Kingdom and in London.

There is a lot of Irish foods that have found their way into shops in the United Kingdom. This is not surprising because Ireland is discovering the amazing world of food and food production. Irish (artisan) food producers are gaining quite a brilliant reputation internationally and of course also on the domestic market.

High quality due to pure raw materials and traditional and/or natural ways of producing food are the key to the success of Irish food products, like the Irish beef which has almost become a brand name. Other great examples are Kerry Butter or Barry's Tea.