Winterage Weekend in the Burren

25Winterage-150x150The Burren Winterage Weekend is possibly the most unique and special one of all the festivals held in the Burren. It will take place from 24th - 26th October 2014.

In a nutshell, the festival connects the present with the past - the way things were done even just a few decades back. This community festival celebrates the farming heritage of the limestone area and all the amazing natural and cultural wonders we find here.

The events over the weekend will take place in the whole of the Burren and will inclde

- guided herdsman's walks and a cattle drive up the mountain
- farm machinery demonstrations
- a food fayre of local produce
- sharing at Samhain where the admission is a homemade dish which will be shared in a community feast
- interactive talks
- family fun and much more.

Please refer to the online programme of the festival for more details.