Mare TV features Burren Smokehouse!

13Mare-TV-2-300x173We could hardly wait - it has been a long time since last September (2014). We knew we had to contain our impatience as all good things take a while. But the wait is finally over!

You might remember that we gave you a behind-the-scenes special on a TV production which is very popular in Germany. Mare TV it is called, and they specialise on showing how people live in coastal areas all over the world.

On 16th April 2015, the programme from the Clare coast and Inisheer was finally aired on N3, a TV station for the North of Germany. It features many well known people and businesses in the area, for example Doolin 2 Aran Ferries, Wild Irish Sea Veg, but also everyday heroes like Mattie Shannon and his team from the Doolin Coast Guard, and Willie Daly acting as the local matchmaker.

But of course, we were very excited to see the Burren Smokehouse featuring on it a few times. The film crew accompanied Birgitta into the heart of the smokehouse, to the shore where she collected seaweed with Ger Talty from Wild Irish Sea Veg, and to the coffin maker who provides the sawdust for the smoke.

Have fun watching it by clicking on this link and don't worry about not being able to understand everything. The images speak for themselves, and you probably will be able to understand a lot of the words that are being said by the people in the programme.