Auction: Catch the First Wild Salmon of 2016

Prince Charles and Burren Wild SalmonFor a limited time only! Auction ends on 24th May at 12.29pm.

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- The proceeds from this auction will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland -

Last year in May, we gave Prince Charles our first Wild Smoked Irish Salmon of the season during his historical visit to the Burren area in County Clare (Ireland). Quite like his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, before him, who was served the first wild salmon caught for us in 2011 at the State Dinner during her even more historical visit to Ireland.

First Wild Salmon Who will be this year's person to have our first Wild Smoked Irish Salmon?

The Wild Salmon season in Ireland starts on 12 May. Wild salmon will only be caught for a few short months, and the numbers allocated for fishing are very low, so the availibility of Wild Salmon is very limited.

To celebrate the return of this magnificent creature, we want to auction off the first wild salmon that will have been caught for us.

The person with the highest bid will receive the two sides of our first 2016 Wild Smoked Irish Salmon! The minimum bid is €1,000 for the two sides.

So this is how it works:

The first Wild Salmon caught for us in 2016 can be acquired via an auction on Ebay. The bidding starts at €1,000 for the two sides of wild salmon. We will smoke it in our smokehouse as soon as it will be caught, and send it off to the person having placed the winning, i.e. the highest bid.

The winning bidder will be provided with a photo of the fisherman and the wild salmon tag, as well as a certificate signed by Birgitta Hedin Curtin, Peadar Reilly and the fisherman. The owner of the Burren Smokehouse, Birgitta Hedin Curtin, will drive to the fisherman herself to collect the Wild Salmon and bring it back to our smokehouse for it to be smoked by our master smoker Peadar Reilly.

We will be able to dispatch the two sides to you as soon as we will have smoked them. There is no guarantee that this will be right away, but we promise you that we will send it out as soon as it is ready to be dispatched - coming fresh out of our kiln!

Here you can place your bid - and remember, the auction ends on 24th May at 12.29pm!

- We will give the proceeds from this auction to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland -

Shipment & delivery:

Free delivery by UPS (international destination*) or Nightline (destinations in Ireland) -

* Shipping to Ireland, N.I., UK, Europe incl. Switzerland and Scandinavia USA, CAN, Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey

If you are interested in the Wild smoked Salmon you can buy instantly, please click on this link to purchase.

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