The Burren - not only for archaeologists and botanists!

Burren Food Trail Burren Ecotourism NetworkThe US American tour operator The Destination Company wrote a beautiful blog post about the Burren as a foodie destination par excellence.

Many restaurants got a mention, but also activity providers like Wild Kitchen for foraging walks, and the Burren Food Fayre which takes place annually at the end of October.

They also mention the Burren Food Trail. The "Winners of the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) 2015 – Tourism and Local Gastronomy and Irish Restaurants Association Foodie Town 2015 Title, the Burren’s Food Trail is so much more than a list of places to eat as it reveals the path that your food takes from the field to the plate. The trail is designed for you to choose yourself where to stop and dip in according to your preferences."

This blog post can serve as an inspiration when planning your next visit to the area of the Burren - beautiful at any time of the year, but especially in spring and autumn!

Read the full blog post on The Destination Company's website