We feature among the 8 most important reasons...

8 Reasons to come to Ireland Burren Smokehouse... to visit Ireland now!

Matador Network has gathered a few compelling reasons why anybody should be visiting Ireland, now or later. As if you needed more prodding to finally book your Irish dream holidays, what? Well, this might be the last push you'll need.

Movie aficionados - think Star Wars and Game of Thrones - will want to travel to Ireland just for the stunning film locations alone. There are many tours available now that add extra bonuses to the experience.

For Americans, the good exchange rate for the US Dollar and low-cost airlines providing new services now between the US and Ireland are very inticing reasons to visit the Emerald Isle and finally make the trip they have dreamt of for so long.

No real surprises so far. But for some people it might come as a surprise that one of the reasons to come to Ireland is - FOOD! And the Burren Smokehouse is especially mentioned in that article. 

Long gone are the (not so good old) days when you could only eat in grubby pubs and hotels, and the only items on the menu would be bland cooked salmon with chips and bacon & cabbage.

These days, the food scene is well and alive, and absolutely vibrant. Many high-class restaurants, but also excellent great value gastro-pubs like Kierans Kitchen at the Roadside Tavern, bistros and cafés offer an amazing array of local, organic, seasonal and very tasty dishes. Did we mention creative? Yes, they are creative and still reach back to the good old Irish dishes, but with a modern and inspired twist.

But there is also a food producer scene that has risen over the last twenty or so years - from little cottage producers to slightly bigger artisan producers, covering all areas of the food spectrum. From cheese to fish, chocolate to preserves, you can try something else every day and not run out of options for a long time.

The article covers the food part of the Ireland appeal as follows, mentioning the Burren Smokehouse especially:

"The cuisine evolution Ireland has seen in the last couple of years is nearly unparalleled — hence the French and Italians you might see visiting for the cheese alone. A good example is Gubbeen House, famous for their award-winning semi-soft cheeses. Gubbeen is located in County Cork and is all family owned and operated, as is much of Ireland’s bubbling foodie movement. To get a taste, stop at Mannings Deli in nearby Ballylickey — they provide tasting plates of local food, Gubbeen included.

Next up: Burren Smokehouse, located in County Clare. It’s about 15 minutes from the Cliffs of Moher, and it’s where you should get your hands on some organic Irish salmon. Stop at the visitor center to see how the smoking is done, peruse the fresh samples, and best of luck not sending home a gift hamper. [...]"

Oh, and we are selling Gubbeen Cheese as well!

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