Gold Medal at the Great Taste Awards 2017

Great Taste Awards 2017 Burren Smokehouse

Recently, the test results for this year's Great Taste Awards were published. We are happy to report that this year again, one of our products was awarded a 2-star Gold Medal!

It is our Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon with Honey, Lemon & Pepper with its very unique marinade only used by the Burren Smokehouse.

These are the different notes from the blind tasting process which can take quite a long time and many hours and people to fulfill:

"A lovely looking fish with lots of black pepper evident. The fish is wonderfully moist and meaty. The balance of smoking and flavour is just right in this product allowing the fish flavour to come through.

A good looking piece of salmon. There are some good flavours here, a light smoke not overpowering. The pepper comes through and the seasoning is ok. A good smoked fish lingers on the finish.

A handsome side of salmon, the outside burnished and with good big flakes of fish inside and a lovely delicate aroma. The delicacy carries through to the fish, and then to a lingering taste. We especially liked the moistness and freshness, plus the restrained level of smoking."