Culinary surprise: Ireland!

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If you have not visited Ireland for a while, you might be in for a surprise next time you travel to the Emerald Isle. 20 years ago - even less than that - most pubs just offered cooked salmon fillets with chips (called French fries in North America) and bacon & cabbage, an Irish staple. Now, there are so many restaurants and eateries, dishes and culinary directions to choose from as there are rain showers in a wet winter. And we can assure that our winters are very wet.

US-American blogger Sucheta Rawal had the enviable task to find out what the old country has on offer for discerning tastebuds. She met up with two business women in the Burren to get to know the lay of the land.

"Over tea at the Burren Perfumerie, my new friends Birgitta Curtin (proprietor of Burrren Smokehouse, Roadside Tavern and speaker on Irish cuisine) and Sadie Chowen Doyle (perfume maker and owner at Burren Perfumerie) informed me that they have witnessed the evolution of Irish cuisine during their life in the Burren. 'Just 10 years ago, the only cheese they could buy was imported from other parts of Europe. Now, there are so many cheese makers in Ireland and our cheese is so good!' says Doyle.

Curtin smokes salmon from the northwest part of Ireland, which is organic and sustainable. Each fish is spaced out in clean waters and fed natural foods, so the salmon has three times more Omega 3 Fatty Acids than any other salmon. Her hot and cold smoked salmon can be found at many restaurants across the country and shipped all over the world. Of course, I tasted it throughout my trip!"

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