Proper Food comes to visit the Burren Smokehouse

Properfood visits Burren SmokehouseAt some stage, in the last century, it must have been trying to say the least, to be French and live in Ireland. Food was not really up to scratch at that stage, nothing much to write home about.

But all that changed now! So much so that French food blogger Katia Valadeau is writing one blog post after another about all the things that happen in the food world, and about all the wonderful ingredients and culinary specialities we now take for granted.

Her blog is called Properfood and the name says it all. She is exploring the Burren Food Trail, and this time, it was our turn to be visited. Katia has been a fan of the Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon for many years, she would buy our salmon when she wanted to showcase Irish food, and it went down a treat every single time!

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