Magnetic Beauty - CARA discovers the Burren

CARA Aerlingus article mentioning Burren SmokehouseYou might have seen it on Facebook, the post we shared from the authors of the article published in the September issue of CARA, the Aer Lingus inflight magazine which also mentioned the Burren Smokehouse.

So many jewels in the Burren's crown were visited by the CARA crew that really deserve being written about, like attractions, food producers, restaurants and other, more hidden gems.

The Burren is always worth a visit just for the sheer beauty of the landscape. The second half of the title of the article - "Magnetic Desolation" - is a bit misleading, because there is nothing desolate about the Burren at all. Especially in spring it is a heaven for botanists and those who just love seeing wild growing orchids and other rare flowers growing here. "Magnetic" is quite accurate, on the other hand, as the mystical Burren will always lure you back once you'll have really experienced it.

Click on this link to read the article and to find out more about the secret of the Burren, about the local products and foods that come from here, and where to stay when visiting (from page 54).