Pairing smoked salmon with... apple juice?!

The three (four!) winners!

Apple Rosette from Attyflin Estate Rosette Apples

We found a new dream team! A pairing that we never thought of trying, and all thanks to Attyflin Estate in County Limerick who looked at the colour of their very special Rosette apple juice, and at the colour of our hot smoked salmon. They realised that the two had the very same colour, so they suggested a pairing to us.

We were intrigued. A food pairing based on colour? That was a new concept to us, but we picked up the idea and ran with it.

We prepared different smoked salmon marinades for a tasting, got the glasses out, and while we were doing that, some unsuspecting customers walked in, a lovely family from Belgium. They agreed to be our guinea pigs, and willingly tried different combinations with the apple juice.

Before we reveal what the outcome of the tasting was, let us tell you more about this particular apple.

The Rosette variety has a very distinct flavour and there is a red flesh running through the apple giving the juice a most distinct flavour and colouring.

Rosette ripens in late August with next season juice available in early September already. Our understanding is that there is a limited amount of Rosette apple trees in Ireland. Attyflin Estate originally planted a hundred Rosette apple trees about five years ago.  Since, they have planted an additional thousand trees. But there is still only a limited amount of rosette apple juice available each year.

Now, our Belgian family took the tasting very seriously, and after much deliberation, not one but three favourites were identified, and our subsequent staff tasting confirmed this outcome.

On third place was - surprisingly - our Classic Burren Cold Smoked Irish Organic Salmon. Surprising because colour-wise it doesn't fit into the perceived taste category (being cold smoked, it has a much darker colour).

On second place is the Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon with Honey, Lemon & Pepper. The sweetness of the juice contrasted nicely with the crunchy hotness of the pepper.

And the winner is.... our Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon with Honey, Lemon & Dill!

This fun tasting goes to show how versatile salmon is. The only dish we have never seen smoked salmon in would be desserts - but then, wouldn't juice technically qualify as dessert?

We are stocking the Attyflin apple juices including this one in our Burren Smokehouse visitor centre. Call in and try it out!