Singled out... in the Huffington Post!

Huffington Post Burren Smokehouse Pictures from the video

"Think a visit to Ireland means your food options will be limited? Well, think again."

This is how the article in the Huffington Post starts, an article that describes the food renaissance, as they call it, that has been taking place in Ireland for the last 15 years or so.

Sure, it is more like a Food Revolution, possibly brought on by the influx of people coming to Ireland, and Irish people extensively travelling abroad and acquiring new tastes.

The article about the food in Ireland singles out just a few of the good choices the curious minds can explore - for example the English Market in Cork city (always a great way to get to know the variety of food over here) and... the Burren Smokehouse and Roadside Tavern next door!

Also in the article is a video created by Fáilte Ireland which features the businesses and places mentioned in the article, so the Roadside Tavern and the Burren Smokehouse are visually very present. Have a look!

Click here you can watch the video and read the article