Customers from the start!

Christine and Gerry at Burren SmokehouseMeet Gerry & Christine from Switzerland!

We had the great pleasure of meeting this lovely couple in our renovated visitor centre and find out something amazing.

They have been coming to the Burren Smokehouse for the last 30 years to buy our smoked salmon - since we opened our doors first!

At the time, they told us, they were of course still able to go into the smoking area which for obvious reasons is not feasible anymore. Their daughter would quietly pick away at the smoked salmon lying on the table, while the smoker would explain what he was doing  (a kid with great taste!).

Every October, Gerry & Christine fly to Ireland spend their holidays on the west coast, and they have done so for the last 42 years. So as usual, they dropped in again to get their fill of Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon to take home with them.