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Fodors 15 Things to eat in Ireland Burren SmokehouseWe earned a space on the list of 15 Things to Eat and Drink in Ireland, according to Fodors Online Travel Guide.

Let's face it, with all the wonderful landscapes, traditional music in lively pubs and the always sunny :-D weather it is easy to overlook one aspect of Ireland which is not a secret anymore among those living and travelling here: the excellent food. It has developed over the last 10 to 15 years into something that will surprise any unsuspecting visitor to the island.

Over the years, a lively, vibrant and imaginative food scene has evolved which covers all aspects of modern cuisine - from meat-offering to vegan, or with a focus on seasonal foods and low food mileage, cross-cuisine styles and lots more. Long gone are the times when all you could get was beef or salmon that was cooked to death.

Fodors Online Travel Guide wrote:

"Smoked Salmon
You’ll find smoked salmon, as well as smoked trout and mackerel, all over Ireland, but a visit to Burren Smokehouse gives you a chance to learn about how the process unfolds. Burren’s visitor’s center offers a free hour-long video* detailing the smoking process, but you can also buy tickets which give you a more in-depth experience (just send an email to ask for details and to inquire about tickets for specific dates). Burren Smokehouse is also just 15 minutes from the majestic Cliffs of Moher, making it an easy stop on a day of sightseeing."

* Now that is not quite accurate, the video is just 7 minutes long. But you can book a master class that will take about an hour and includes the video.