Blast from the past

Fireplace Burren SmokehouseIn the middle of the Christmas madness last December, we received a lovely email from a German customer of ours. Peter and his wife Marion sent us the scanned pages of an order form which they picked up 26 years ago at the Burren Smokehouse.

They had rediscovered the order form which dates from 1994, when they reminisced about their first holidays in Ireland, getting the photo album with old photographs out and reminding each other of their wonderful memories. Their visit to the Burren Smokehouse (at a time when the visitor centre didn't exist yet and people could just walk into the production!) must have made quite an impression on them that they kept the order form!

At the time, they were staying near Lisdoonvarna with their children and American friends, and when they travelled south to Bantry to another holiday home, they enjoyed our smoked mackerel sitting at an open turf fire. Being true seafood lovers, they also visited a mussel festival and saw a Mary Black concert. Ever since those holidays, they have been fans of the famous Irish singer and of the Burren Smokehouse!

Peter and Marion have been enjoying our Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon over the last two and a half decades, and they have promised us to come back to Ireland and Lisdoonvarna this year once they'll have more time for travelling.

These are the order forms that were kept alongside the photos - even then we had them in German!

1994 Burren Smokehouse order form 1994 Burren Smokehouse order form