Safety first - your visit to the Burren Smokehouse

COVID 19 charter Burren SmokehouseIt is a great feeling to come out of the pandemic on the other end. Like most other businesses, we had to close the Tasting Room at the Burren Smokehouse for eleven weeks before we were able to throw our blue doors open again on Monday 8th June.

We have already welcomed back the first customers into our Tasting Room where they were greeted not only by our friendly staff but also by our health and safety station.

We provide hand sanitiser and gloves at the door, and information on our one-way route through the Tasting Room.

Click on the video below and follow Birgitta how she walks through the Tasting Room.

We would like to ask our customers to refer to our COVID-19 safety charter below before or during their visit. We want to keep everybody safe!

Download ourĀ  COVID-19 safety charter here