The story behind the Burren Baskets

Burren Basket Burren Smokehouse
For the last few months, since the start of the COVID-19 lock down period in Ireland, we were forced to change the emphasis of our business. We are lucky enough to be standing on two (normally) sturdy legs.

There is the smoking and selling salmon side of our business. It was partially affected as restaurants and hotels were closed and not in a position to order smoked salmon anymore.

Then there is the tourism side. Each year, we are welcoming thousands of visitors in our Tasting Room and the "Taste The Atlantic - Salmon Experience" next door. As we all know, we had to close down both for almost three months.

What kept us busy was the wonderful support of our customers! In this video Birgitta Hedin Curtin, the owner and manager of the Burren Smokehouse, explains the motivation behind the creation of the different Burren Baskets, and shows what goes into the baskets - it's all homemade and wholesome!