Love bites - not just for Valentine's!

King and Queen of Sweden at Burren SmokehouseLove bites definitely are not just for Valentine's. You know the love bites we are talking about, right? The little pieces of bread topped with delicious tidbits of food. Or pieces of cucumber laden with this, that and the other.

In these times of lockdowns and closed restaurants, we are all turning to our own kitchens and develop (or freshen up) our cookery skills. We want to experience a bit of the luxury that comes with eating out, and go that little bit more fancy. What better way than creating little nibbles - canapes for starters anybody?

The best thing about it is that you don't really need a recipe (though we have plenty in our Recipe Section!). You can do a bit of shopping for your favourite ingredients, and simply assemble them. No chefing skills needed, maybe just a bit of imagination that comes from research.

Have a look at our latest recipe - Brie & Smoked Salmon canapes. Assemble all the ingredients, light the fire, spread the sheepskin in front of it, open the bottle of bubbly, and off you go!