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  • 13th June 2016 Revealing the trade secrets of the Burren Smokehouse

    "From rural Ireland to Harrods: The story of Burren Smokehouse" The british website "Enterprise Nation" posted a video interview with Birgitta Hedin Curtin, the owner-manager of the Burren Smokehouse. Enterprise Nation is on a mission to create a more entrepreneurial society in the UK. They s... Read more
  • 12th June 2016 The Burren from the air - video

    What used to simply be called the Burren is now officially The Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark. 

    Don't let that long official title put you off! It is the same beautiful, unique and magical place that it has ... Read more

  • 10th May 2016 Auction: Catch the First Wild Salmon of 2016

    For a limited time only! Auction ends on 24th May at 12.29pm. Click here to go straight to the auction on Ebay - The proceeds from this auction will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland - Last year in May, we gave Prince Charles our first Wild Smoked Irish Salmon of the season during hi... Read more
  • 9th May 2016 Nothing slow about The Burren Slow Food Festival

    Birgitta and the Slow Food team are currently very busy co-organising the 10th Burren Slow Food Festival which is bursting at the seams with tastings, talks, cookery demos, a picnic on the sea, dinners, a Farmer's Market and much more. This year, the "Surf & Turf" themed Burren Slow Food F... Read more
  • 6th May 2016 Director's Cut: unpublished video material

    Two years ago, we were very lucky to have have a film crew from Germany filming in and with the Burren Smokehouse. Just now, we received an email by the director Henning Rütten from www.henning-ruetten.de with a link to a video. This video is a lovely compilation of unpublished material which ... Read more
  • 19th April 2016 10 things to avoid serving at a dinner party

    We all can tell tales of little disasters that happened at somebody's dinner party, or worse, at our own! Here a little help from us. It is not a comprehensive guide, but it is a good start that rules out potential disaster zones right from the start. It makes planning the food part of a dinne... Read more
  • 31st March 2016 Birgitta "gets wise on her salmon"

    An article showcasing the Burren Smokehouse and its Swedish owner, Birgitta Curtin, appeared in the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper in Sweden exposing us to more than 470,000 readers. Tourism Ireland in the Nordic Region, in conjunction with Fáilte Ireland, invited journalist Anna Rehnberg to v... Read more
  • 28th March 2016 FFT.ie covers big Culinary Event

    FFT.ie 21 March 2016 Under the header "Michelin Star Chefs Give Food for Thought in the Burren", Ireland's Foodservice Platform FFT gave an account of the superb and fingerlicking event involving well-known and highly talented chefs from Ireland and the US. You can read more on it by clic... Read more
  • 18th March 2016 Burren Smokehouse mentioned in Swedish newspaper

    Our Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon was used in three restaurants in Gothenburg and Stockholm on St. Patrick's Day. This is what the Allt Om Mat food magazine wrote a few days ago: "Taste the Irish delicacies at three taverns Three restaurants in Sweden showcasing Irish delicacies: Hi... Read more
  • 15th March 2016 Michelin-starred Food at the Burren Storehouse

    The season started off with a spectacular bang for our new venue, the Burren Storehouse.   Chefs from Ohio, Galway and Lisdoonvarna came together to create ("cook" would not do its artfulness justice!) an amazing and tastebud tickling feast for the senses.   Those who we... Read more

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