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  • 11th July 2011 Atlantic Way - Showcasing Clare products

    Westpark Shannon is an exciting and innovative new world-class business campus located in the heart of Ireland's Mid-West region. A few weeks ago, a business delegation from Jacksonville, Florida, visited Westpark Shannon on invitation of Atlantic Way, an initiative with the aim to establish and ... Read more
  • 24th June 2011 Winners of Bloom in the Park draw

    We ran a competition during the Bloom in the Park garden show where we had a very busy stand. And these are the winners of 1 side each of Burren Smoked Irish Salmon - congratulations to Eileen Hartnett Jo O'Connor Chris Carroll Brian Hunt Deirdre Reddy We will send the sides directly ou... Read more
  • 23rd June 2011 Irish Examiner - All right on the Night

    On 18 June 2011, the Irish Examiner magazine published an article written by Pól O'Conghaile about one of the biggest food operations this year in Ireland. It is about the foodie heroes behind the State Dinner held for Queen Elizabeth II in Dublin at the end of May. It is about the Irish artisan ... Read more
  • 21st June 2011 "My New Boyfriend" - a blog by Móna Wise

    Móna (and her tea-loving mother) visited us recently and wrote this slightly different blog about her experience. It is a funny blog that we don't want to keep from you! It starts like this: "This is a story about what I did today. Some of it is factual and real and the rest of it might be com... Read more
  • 18th June 2011 Talking about The Burren Smokehouse

    Talking To Birgitta of @BurrenSalmon at #Bloom2011 (mp3) Whilst at Bloom in the Park Birgitta met with landscape gardener and garden radio show host Peter Donegan. Peter was at Bloom recording audio with fellow presenter Brian Greene for The Sodshow when he met with the Burren Smokehous... Read more
  • 15th June 2011 Wild Salmon & Sustainability

    As you might have been aware of, driftnet fishing was banned in Irish waters from the 2007 season onward. It still is banned as far as the driftnet fishing is concerned - long nets being towed by boats in the sea. The simple reason for that is that the number of wild salmon went down dramatically... Read more
  • 15th June 2011 21 generations of salmon fishermen and women

    We came across the Grubb family by chance - and were soon immersed in their fascinating history! They presented themselves as long-standing wild salmon fishermen on the Blackwater River in County Waterford, and it was only when Birgitta went down to meet them that she realised what kind of histor... Read more
  • 24th May 2011 Burren Smokehouse feeds the Queen

    If you live in Ireland you will have heard it on TV last night (18 May 2011). During the live coverage of the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II, her husband, Prince Philip, and the English Prime Minister David Cameron, the Burren Smokehouse and our smoked salmon was mentioned in first place when ... Read more
  • 19th May 2011 Birgitta on the radio for Slow Food Festival

    19 May 2011. Birgitta was on ClareFM's Ed Myer's show today to promote the upcoming Slow Food Festival which will take place this weekend, starting on Friday 20 May. But first and foremost Ed asked her about our smoked salmon being used to feed the Queen and the 171 other guests at Dublin Castle ... Read more
  • 11th May 2011 Travel Trade Show - Meitheal 2011

    We were present at the Travel Trade Show preceding the Meitheal where tour operators from overseas met Irish service providers from interesting attractions to visit like for example the Burren Smokehouse, the Doolin Cave and so on.  The Travel Trade Show was an opportunity for us and other food p... Read more

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