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  • 27th October 2019 Customers from the start!

    Meet Gerry & Christine from Switzerland! We had the great pleasure of meeting this lovely couple in our renovated visitor centre and find out something amazing. They have been coming to the Burren Smokehouse for the last 30 years to buy our smoked salmon - since we opened our doors firs... Read more
  • 21st October 2019 YesChef dishes out awards

    Can you ever get too much of a good thing? No, definitely not, would be our answer! Birgitta Hedin Curtin, owner-manager of the Burren Smokehouse, got another personal award, the Judges Award, for her contributions and personal efforts in the Irish food industry. The YesCh... Read more
  • 7th October 2019 A job well done - our stylish visitor centre

    It took a long time, and it was a lengthy journey that we started in earnest at the end of January (2019 - we better mention the year!). But in fairness, it started much earlier with the planning phase. Now it is finally - more or less - finished. What did we ... Read more
  • 20th September 2019 Open Day at "Taste the Atlantic - Irish Salmon Visitor Experience"

    Go on a journey through times and discover the story of Irish Atlantic Salmon. A free-entry, fun day for the whole family! Learn about Irish Atlantic salmon, and go on an immersive, engaging and interactive journey from ancient times to the present. Visit the Burren Smokehouse for an open day... Read more
  • 25th August 2019 Experience Salmon Smoking and Craft Beers

    Behind the Scenes of a smokehouse and a brewery Since we started welcoming visitors to our smokehouse, we have always been amazed at the level of curiosity and the inquisitive questions we were asked. We made this knowledge even more accessible now, and also throw in a craft beer... Read more
  • 18th August 2019 Singled out... in the Huffington Post!

    "Think a visit to Ireland means your food options will be limited? Well, think again." This is how the article in the Huffington Post starts, an article that describes the food renaissance, as they call it, that has been taking place in Ireland for the last 15 years or so. Sure, it is m... Read more
  • 12th August 2019 More success at the Oscars

    The results are out again - and we got another star under our belt. Our Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon (plain) tasted so good that the tasters - all experts in their culinary fields - thought it worthy of a 1-gold-star medal at the Great Taste Awards 2019 which is the equivalent of... Read more
  • 12th August 2019 Supervalu - Local food for local people

    The Burren Smokehouse has long been a proud supplier of Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon to our local Supervalu store Fitzpatrick's in the neighbouring town of Ennistymon. On the occasion of the refurbishment of the store, they created short videos about all of the local suppliers, and we ar... Read more
  • 5th August 2019 Pairing smoked salmon with... apple juice?!

    We found a new dream team! A pairing that we never thought of trying, and all thanks to Attyflin Estate in County Limerick who looked at the colour of their very special Rosette apple juice, and at the colour of our hot smoked salmon. They realised that the two had t... Read more
  • 30th July 2019 Geopark - From Slovenia and China to the Burren

    Did you know that we are living next to a Geopark? Designated with UNESCO Global Geopark status in 2011 and revalidated in 2015, the Burren & Cliffs of Moher is seeking revalidation this month as a UNESCO Global Geopark. We had the opportunity, together with many other m... Read more

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