• 1st September 2018 Eggs Benedict with Spinach and Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon

    We owe this recipe to Neven Maguire from MacNean House & Restaurant, Blacklion/Co. Cavan who in conjunction with Dunnes Stores and their Simply Better range used our salmon for this recipe. The salmon used in the original recipe is the one we smoke for the Simply Better range sold in D... Read more
  • 1st August 2018 Spicy Korean Salmon Soup

    Smoked salmon is perfect for this take on a traditional Korean dish. Adding smoked salmon to it gives this soup extra depth as well as a beautiful flavour. Ingredients: 2 chopped spring onions (plus more for garnishing) 1 crushed clove of garlic 10 grams of chopped ginger 1 tbsp soy ... Read more
  • 1st July 2018 Fish Bone Broth with Burren Smoked Salmon

    Just because we don’t eat fish bones, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make a delicious broth with them. In the UK alone, 18 millions tonnes of food are thrown away every year. That's 1/3 of what is produced. Making soup avoid food waste and encourages using leftovers, like the bones. There are s... Read more
  • 1st April 2018 Tacos with Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon

    This recipe was inspired by a visit of author Karen Schneider to County Clare in spring 2017.  She was so enchanted especially by the amount and quality of tea rooms, and by the quality of the food in general, that she wrote an article with recipes about her experience in the Coastal Journal ... Read more
  • 1st February 2018 Colcannon on Burren Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon (with video)

    This is the signature dish served by Kierans Kitchen in the Roadside Tavern pub next to the Burren Smokehouse. Traditional colcannon would be a accompanied by meat, but we are putting a healthy and very tasty twist on this dish which is one of the bestsellers on the menu!

    Read more

  • 3rd January 2018 Mini Burren Salmon & Pea Frittatas

    A bit like a quiche without a crust, these eggy bites are very versatile when it comes to the ingredients and the shape you want to give them. We owe this recipe to Margaret M. Johnson from the US. She is the author of eleven cookbooks as well as a food and travel writer who contributes to pub... Read more
  • 3rd September 2017 Lunch box sandwiches for Gourmets

    It is the time of year when we return from our holidays, back to the routine we left behind for a precious few days or even weeks.

    One nice thing about work is that we can make up lovely lunch packs worthy of the description "gourmet"... Read more

  • 10th July 2017 Burren Smoked Salmon Risotto with Asparagus

    This texture-full risotto will not take long to cook, just around 45 minutes, and will make a satisfying meal for the whole family. For 4 people Ingredients: 1 tbsp rapeseed oil 1 large yellow onion, finely chopped 300g risotto rice 1100ml / 2 British pints hot fish or vegetable broth... Read more
  • 1st May 2017 Gnocchis with Burren Smoked Irish Organic Salmon

    Gnocchis are good on their own, with a lovely white sauce and perhaps grilled off in the oven. This recipe is a quick and delicious Irish variation on the Italian theme! Ingredients: 1kg (2lb 2oz) gnocchi salt 300g (11oz) cream cheese with herbs (or plain cream cheese + added chopped he... Read more
  • 5th February 2017 Burren Smoked Salmon, Potato & Celeriac Ovenbake

    The origin of this recipe lies in Scandinavia. It takes a bit of time to prepare, but it is worth the effort. And if you use a food processor for slicing the vegetables, the machine will do the hard work for you - very fast! Serves 6 Ingredients: juice of 1 lemon optional: lemon zest 1... Read more

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