• 1st September 2014 Wakame & Burren Smoked Salmon Roulades

    This month we want to feature a recipe developed by Sally McKenna (formerly Bridgestone Guides, now She published a fantastic recipe book in 2014 called "Extreme Greens - Understanding Seaweeds" which revolves around the use of seaweed in recipes. The recipes are very easy to cook... Read more
  • 1st August 2014 Tropical Burren Salmon starter

    The long title for this recipe featured in Yes Chef Ireland Magazine (issue 3) reads "Burren Smokehouse Honey, Lemon & Dill Hot Smoked Salmon with Mango, Lime & Chilli dressing & Cucumber & Asparagus" - quite a mouthful, not unlike this exotic recipe where tropical meet nordic fla... Read more
  • 1st July 2014 Burren Salmon Summer Salad with asparagus

     All we need this summer is a light and refreshing dinner - nothing too heavy, but it has to be tasty! With this in mind, we have chosen this summery salad which will be satisfying and light at the same time. - Serves 6  and takes about 30 minutes to prepare - Ingredients: 500g trofie or... Read more
  • 30th May 2014 Egg-y Salmon Spinach Roll

    This recipe is very easy to make, but needs 8 hours of chilling in the fridge. So it is a great recipe to make ahead when you have guests! It is perfect for brunches, buffets, starters, or as a cold meal in itself. For 6 - 8 people (depending on the use) Ingredients: 4 eggs 4.5oz / 130g f... Read more
  • 1st May 2014 Burren Smoked Salmon Penne

    This very easy and oh-so-delicious pasta recipe calls for our Burren Hot Smoked Spiced Organic Irish Salmon... This recipe is great because you don't have to make a sauce for it. The sauce is made automatically at the end by stirring all the ingredients into the cooked pasta. Ingredients: 1 l... Read more
  • 1st April 2014 Easter Scrambled Egg(shells) with Burren Smoked Salmon

    This is another easy and timely recipe to regal your Easter brunch guests! Scrambled eggs with a twist and a lovely, surprising presentation. 6 eggs - either for 6 people or for 3 people @ 2 eggs per person, depending on your appetite! Ingredients: 6 organic, fresh eggs a bit of ... Read more
  • 4th March 2014 Egg with spinach & Burren Hot smoked salmon in skillets

    There is a bit of green in this month's recipe just in tune with St. Patrick's Day! This makes a delicious brunch, lunch or even hearty breakfast on the most Irish of all days. For four skillets/people Ingredients: 2 tblsp olive oil, divided among the four pans 2 tblsp unsalted butter... Read more
  • 4th February 2014 Nori wraps with avocado & Burren smoked Irish salmon

    This very healthy finger food is easy and fast to make, and absolutely guilt-free! Serves 2 as an appetiser Ingredients: 2 fresh nori sheets ½ avocado, sliced thinly 1 carrot, grated 1 small beetroot, grated ½ cucumber, sliced 100g Burren smoked Irish Organic salmon 1 tomato, sliced ... Read more
  • 1st November 2013 Burren Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Pea Bake

    Cook: Ciara Dolan from Ciara’s Creations Serves 6 as a starter. Double the quantities to serve it as dinner for 3-4 people. Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 40-45 minutes Ingredients: 12 free range organic eggs olive oil 350-400g Burren Smoked Irish Salmon 200g fresh spin... Read more
  • 27th September 2013 Cucumber & Burren Smoked Salmon Wrap

    This must be the easiest and fastest lunch recipe ever! It is also great for bringing it on a picnic. - For 6 wraps - Ingredients: 1/2 a cucumber, washed and peeled 400g soft cheese (cream cheese, Philadelpia etc) 1/2 small onion, chopped dill and fennel (chopped) salt and pepper 6 ... Read more

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